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Case study management pdf - International Case Studies in Asset Management

While the hotel industry is growing at a very fast rate in India and other parts of the world, attrition has become a very big problem, one of the primary reasons being work stress.

What elements of its business strategy are working for it and how does it manage to get more out of its stores? Using quality tools and techniques, workers have made significant improvements to many key processes and facilities.

Early acquisition of university patents was vital in order to attract funding. A process approach enables service organizations to standardize the ways they work, achieving improved consistency, faster cycle times and fewer errors. July 2016 Lean Six Sigma LSS problem solving consumes a lot of effort in identifying the root cause and involves a trial and error method for confirming significant factors.

June 2015 The Regional Nephrology Centre RNC Dializa in Poland uses efficient and effective methods of lean philosophy to ensure patient safety and a high-quality level of medical services. Luke s Hospital has improved patient satisfaction scores from the 49th to the 90th percentile. Within TRIZ lies a concept called ideality, or the ideal state of a system where all functions are achieved without problem. January 2015 A performance improvement team at Samarco s Brazil mining facility focused on reducing iron ore pellet production costs. PDF, 541 KB A locomotive company refused to sit idly by, knowing a significant amount of diesel fuel was being wasted. To begin with, the company plans to target pilgrims at sites like Vaishno Devi in Katra, Jammu and Kashmir and at the Golden Temple in Amritsar. PDF, 184 KB Shared Values culture helps a deregulated Midwestern utility company change image, improve people practices. For any given contradiction, TRIZ has a solution for improving the process by making changes to a process step. Technical field Country Main product Business model Spain Fractal antennae Technology licensing Fractus, a producer of antennae, has built its business success on licensing its patented technology.

Differing provisions from the publisher s actual policy or licence agreement may be applicable. Saves Nearly 1 Billion with Six Sigma September 2006.

Eliminating waste and rework also increases capacity and flow, which decreases wait times and potentially harmful delays in care.

PDF, 194 KB The Aldine Independent School District s peer review assessment model has received state and national recognition as a best practice for performance improvement.

Staff used visual management VM lean methods such as 5S, gemba, and kaizen to improve organization and efficiency of hospital space.

While the original goal was meeting ISO 9001 2008 requirements, the wiki now functions as documentation of its integrated management system with more than 10,000 pages of documentation servicing 67 internal users.

PDF 5 MB An energy company was dismayed to learn that its fire-safety clothing wasn t adequate for workers dealing with potentially deadly gas-line fires.

PDF, 190 KB A Lean Six Sigma improvement team at New Breed Logistics employed quality tools such as value stream mapping, PICK charts, and the 5 Whys to increase product flow and meet customers packaging requirements.

Kaya- Northeastern State University USA Case Study CSR CNR Merged into CRRC in China- Derek Yim- Hong Kong Polytechnic University An Application of the Capital Asset Pricing Model- Halil D. Nirula s, established in 1934 has interests in hotels, restaurants, ice cream parlours, pastry shops and food processing plants. The outcome was a 7,400 increase in system reliability and reduced initialization time. PDF, 186 KB Students who participate in a quality club at Hunting Ridge School in Palatine, Illinois, learn continuous improvement methods and then conduct training sessions for their peers. PDF, 282 KB School District shows how a sustained effort to use the plan, do, study, act PDSA method and the Baldrige framework can bring results like improved reading scores and SAT scores. Case Information Published March 2009 Price 5USD Case Code CS018 Theme McDonald s success in India Organization McDonald s India Pages 17 Industry Fast-food Retailing Format PDF File Recent Cases One of our case studies- was selected to be used for the 2010 International Leadership Association ILA Student Case Competition held at the 12th Annual ILA Global Conference Leadership 2. March 2014 To enhance the of organizations and the nation as a whole, the United Arab Emirates UAE in the 1990s instituted numerous strategic quality and excellence initiatives to improve quality and customer service. The skills he developed as a quality auditor and the knowledge he gained from the certification process have remained applicable to the world of training and documentation.

Technical field Country Main product Business model Digital communication France IP gateways Product sales Working on the Internet of Things, the company profited from a pending patent application, using it as an asset when negotiating freedom to operate for some of its business. More than 80 staff from the hospitals assisted with this effort by employing lean tools, obtaining benchmarking data, and standardizing work activities.

PDF, 97 KB Organization successfully integrates leadership development with its overall corporate strategy. PDF, 184 KB When Continental Automotive Systems, Tianjin, China, began producing an electronic component known as the silver box, the return rate was more than 1,200 parts per million ppm, versus a goal of less than 100 ppm. Company scale-up must go hand in hand with IP Combining trade secrets and patents can be a cost-efficient and effective way to protect IP.

The case is best suited for MBA operations courses and modules, particularly those focused on operations process improvement. In this case study, the author explains how ideality can be achieved using real-life examples.

Differing provisions from the publisher s actual policy or licence agreement may be applicable. Bremser Villanova University USA The Lotto Case or Hitting the Jackpot Larry Watkins Northern Arizona University USA American Apparel, Inc. PDF, 184 KB Branch-Smith Printing, a 2002 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipient, grew 72 overall between 1998 and 2001.

2 Faculty in the Organizational Leadership and Supervision program at the University of Houston developed cooperative, multi-class projects that challenge static and passive learning patterns in traditional methods of instruction. Technical field Country Main product Business model Medical technology Greece Infusion system Product sales As a medical technology company, Micrel uses patents and patent information strategically to safeguard future product lines, ensure freedom to operate and find inspiration for new technical developments.

Saves Nearly 1 Billion with Six Sigma September 2006. Teaching Notes are available to Faculty Members on request.- The organization earned a Silver Award from the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation in 2010. A team at Alcoa Power and Propulsion sought to improve product quality, reduce waste and inefficiency, and cut costs. More than 80 staff from the hospitals assisted with this effort by employing lean tools, obtaining benchmarking data, and standardizing work activities. Key to addressing this challenge is a strong patent portfolio protecting both the core technology as well as a diverse range of product applications.

By defining and then standardizing key processes, the unit minimized variation, shared best practices, and sustained improvements. April 2010 PDF, 258 KB Can a change in purchasing processes for the most basic manufacturing components, like bolts, actually lead to 1 million in savings? PDF, 238 KB Data from the National Bank of Spain show how the customer s voice can be designed into its e-banking system. SMEs from different countries, operating in different industries and technology sectors, were interviewed about their IP strategies and underlying business models.

The team qualified as a finalist in ASQ s 2008 International Team Excellence Award process. The Six Sigma project led to annual savings of 1. Technical field Country Main product Business model Machine tools Finland Tool for cleaning and repairing pipes Product sales This traditional construction and renovation contractor expanded its activities to include the development of mechanical solutions. Do you have questions about how to get started on publishing a case study with ASQ?

Louis USA Creating Equity Indices A Case Exercise Judson W. Patents can be used to shape a company s technology competency profile. The client passed a regulatory audit, avoiding a financial penalty, and the team became a finalist in the 2009-10 competition.

Customer and provider surveys demonstrate 100 satisfaction with the clinic, which uses a controlled document system based on ISO 9001, internal and external auditing, and preventive and corrective action plans. PDF, 163 KB Since Pekin District launched a Koalaty Kid program in 2000, standardized test results for the district have consistently exceeded the state average, and two of its schools have earned No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon awards. February 2011 PDF, 178 KB The facilities planning and management operation at Iowa State University is one of only three organizations in the past 10 years to earn the Baldrige-based Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence gold award. Nirula s, established in 1934 has interests in hotels, restaurants, ice cream parlours, pastry shops and food processing plants. Its commitment to manufacturing what it invents contributes to its success in serving consumer and industrial markets for the past 160 years. The team was named a finalist in ASQ s 2015 International Team Excellence Awards competition. The team was named a finalist in ASQ s 2015 International Team Excellence Awards competition. A team used the FOCUS-PDCA model to determine root causes and identify potential improvements. April 2016 Corporate rates of improvement at Boston Scientific represent a yearly challenge and opportunity to improve and exceed different operation indicators such as service and efficiency, safety, quality, and cost within the company. September 2010 PDF, 429 KB A root cause analysis project saved Clipper Windpower 1 million in lost revenue while increasing customer satisfaction. The paper first presents a review of the literature which establishes the major reasons for, and the benefits of, the introduction of ISO 9000. applicable and relevant across sectors, the book includes seventeen case studies from seven countries featuring local, national and global organisations operating in water, railways, metros, mining, ports, energy and municipal services.

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